Print design

In simple words, print design is a subcategory of graphic design that focuses on creating the design digitally and then proceeding to print it out, meaning that it can be used for many marketing and branding purposes thanks to being a flexible alternative to digital strategies. Some of the most popular products or designs are flyers, business cards, and packaging, so it is definitely crucial for the industry.

Even though they are related, graphic design and print designs are not the same things by any means, because in the first option a design will be created while considering elements such as typography, colors, shapes, and imagery while in print designs, everything will be designed with unique dimensions and resources so that it can look good and professional after being printed.

What is the Importance of Print Designs?

Without this type of art/crafting, it would not be possible to create promotions, branding, or physical marketing ads or campaigns as the print design process is directly responsible for developing important business items that promote business or personal services. Thanks to modern tools and techniques, it is possible to create unique designs that even after being printed out manage to look as good as ever without compromising any quality.

What Tools Do You Need to Create Professional Print Designs?

Since the design still needs to be created digitally (in most cases), software and tools that were used in graphics design can still be used for print design, but it would be wise to use resources that promote simple ways to print out the design without having to spend much time figuring out how to import your creation to other part or software.

Digital Design Editing Software:

Canva or Photoshop definitely takes the crown for this section as they are kind of an industry standard. Photoshop specializes in the edition, creation, and review of images/videos with the usage of 2D and 3D functions and tools.

On the other hand, Canva is recognized for offering many collaboration tools, groups, and designs that were made by other people to gain inspiration, predefined dimensions, and even the option of printing designs. Overall both are pretty good, and you could even use them at the same time! Canva for defining dimensions and layout and Photoshop to put details and information in place.

Computer and External Storage:

Having a computer is crucial for print design as you will need it to access the digital tools needed for creating and designing everything. Also, since you will need to carry these designs to many places, it would be wise to invest in external storage to be able to carry your designs to wherever you go without having to be scared of losing them if something happens to the computer.


Not just any printer, a good printer will be needed in order to test your own designs and to decide whether they are worth the time that was invested into their development. Since a printer comes with many uses, you will find it a good investment for the simple fact that it can be used for many other things besides professional print design.